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Rules & Regulations

Organizers and official rules of the competition

“TRANSFIER”competition, (denumită în cele ce urmează “Competiția”) este o cursă de triatlon și are drept scop promovarea triatlonului ca sport de masă și promovarea zonei TRANSFĂGĂRĂȘAN – VIDRARU.

The event is organized by the YOLO Events Association in partnership with Sport La Orice Vârstă, People for Sport, C.S. SportGuru and Romanian Triathlon Federation.

As organizers, we are confident that all participants understand the importance of rules and that they are the most able to honestly assess their own skills and whether they are at the level required to participate in such a competition.

By registering, participants declare that they have read, agree to abide by and comply with all the provisions, terms and conditions of this Official Regulation.

Failure to carefully read the Rules and all Sections cannot be construed as a lack of information, recommendations, rules and conduct from the organizers, and participants who register for the event without knowing all the information presented on the site are directly responsible for any inconvenience therefore caused, before, during and after the event.

The competition will be organized based on the Competition Rules of ITU and of the Romanian Triathlon Federation, and the competitors have the obligation to respect the ITU rules, except for those articles that expressly prevail over these rules.

The regulation is drafted and made public according to Romanian legislation, and is available on the website

Competition’s details

2.1. Date and place of set up:

The competition will take place on Saturday, September 2, 2023, starting with 08:00, on Transfăgărășan road between Vidraru Dam and the tunnel before Bâlea lac.

The start of the competition will be next to the Valea cu Pești hotel, and the finishing area will be located at the base of the Prometheus statue, above the Vidraru dam.

The participation kit can be picked up before the event, from Hotel Valea cu Pești.

The official program of the competition can be found on the website

2.2 Races and distances

4 races triathlon races and one cycling race will be available during the competition:

Half 70.3 Individual
(1900 m swim, 90 km bike, 21 km run)

Half 70.3 Relay
(1900 m swim, 90 km bike, 21 km run)

Olympic individual
(1500 m swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run)

Olimpic Relay
(1500 m swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run)

KOT – King of Transfagarasan
(45 km bike)

The distances are approximate and the differences from the standard ITU distances are due to the specifics of the route of each leg (see details below).

Participation and conditions of participation

3.1 Who can participate?

This competition is addressed to any person who cumulatively meets the following conditions:

  • has reached the age of 18 for the triathlon races or 16 years for the KOT Race (King of Transfagarasan)
  • has a state of health that allows him / her to participate in the courses of the competition, at the chosen distances;

For individual triathlon races, competitors are required to have a valid licence card of the Romanian Triathlon Federation or – for foreign citizens – of the Triathlon Federation of his country of origin. Competitors in relay races can participate without a license and are exempt from this condition.

Participation in the competition / event of persons who have consumed alcohol or drugs or are under the influence of these substances, of persons who carry weapons of any kind, explosive or incendiary materials, tear, irritant or paralyzing substances, electric shock devices or other devices that may be used in violent actions or may disrupt the normal conduct of the event is prohibited.

3.2 Registration

Registration is done by filling in the online form in the Registration section on the official website of the competition.

Registrations are limited and are made within the range and within the limits of places announced on the registration page on the official website.

The organizer can always give wildcards to recognized athletes who want to participate in the competition, beyond the announced limits.

Competitors are required to provide correct information when registering (age, level of training, etc.), the organizers are not in charge of verifying the authenticity of this information. If false information that has been provided by a participant is discovered, he or she will be disqualified. If false information that has been provided by a participant is discovered, he or she will be disqualified.

3.3 Participation kit Kit pick-up

By registering, the participants benefit from a participation package composed of products and services. These are detailed on the Participation Package page of the official website.

All participants are required to present an identity document when picking up the kit and to hand over to the organizer the declaration of responsibility (filled and signed). By entering and participating in this competition, competitors automatically accept its rules.

3.4 Cancellation of participation

If for any reason you wish to cancel your participation in the race, please let us know by the official methods detailed on the contact page on the website.

The contribution for participation in the event is NOT RETURNABLE, it is considered a donation for the event.

In case of switching from a race with a higher entry fee to one with a lower entry fee, the difference is not refunded.

If you are unable to attend, you have the following options available within the deadline and with the change fee below.

Option Deadline for change Change fee
Transfer to the next edition 30 days until the event 10% of the paid fee
Transfer to another race 14 days until the event 10% of the paid fee + the fee difference
Transfer to another person 14 days until the event 10% of the paid fee
Changing a teammate 10 days until the event 5% of the paid fee

3.5 Assuming responsibility. Self-declaration

All participants will present a declaration of participation on their own responsibility in the presence of a representative of the organizer. The statement must be, filled in by each participant and presented to the Organizers when picking up the kit.

For minor participants, the declaration will be signed by one of the parents/guardians.

The participants are directly responsible for participating in this race, the organizer does not assume any obligation in case the participant is hurt or injured. There will be an ambulance in the start / finish area with a first aid point where the emergency medical service will be provided in case of need.

The participants must be aware of the dangers to which they are exposed by participating and going through a triathlon route in a mountain area. These include and are not limited to: collisions with stones, rocks, trees, people, car vehicles, other vehicles, other objects; falls, landslides, injuries caused by cold and / or heat, hypothermia, sunstroke, dehydration, frostbite, burns, altitude sickness, rock falls, hail, avalanches of stones and / or earth, floods, storms, lightning, animals, reptiles, insects, fire, drowning, physical exertion.

3.6 Anti-Doping

The organizers reserve the right to prohibit the registration and participation in the competition of athletes who have been tested positive by the National Anti-Doping Agency or any other accredited anti-doping institution and then sanctioned, even if they have completed the suspension period.

Athletes who have received financial rewards and will be tested positive and then suspended by any accredited anti-doping institution within the next six months from the end of the race undertake to return the prizes offered for the result obtained.

Conducting the competition. Safety

4.1. Competition’s route

Competitors at individual triathlon races must complete all 3 individual legs – swimming, cycling and running – in this order and cover the above mentioned distances for the race in which they registered.

Competitors who do not follow the official route or shorten it in any way (thus gaining a competitive advantage) will be disqualified.

The description of the three routes is available on the official website.

4.2 TRIATLON: Swim Course

The swimming course will take place in Vidraru Lake, starting from the water, in front of the Valea cu Pești hotel. There will be 2 separate starts, one for the 70.3 race and one for the Olympic race. The start for the relays is common with the start for the individual race.

The swimming route will have the shape of a rectangle. The participants in the Olympic race will have to cover 1500 m and those in the long race will have 1900 m. The neoprene suit is mandatory.

Depending on the water and air temperature measured one hour before the start, the swim leg can be canceled or shortened; athletes will be notified of the decision at that time.

In case of cancellation of the swimming course, it can be replaced with a new running leg, for the Olympic distance 7 km and for the long one 10 km. In the case of relays, it can be covered by the swimmer, cyclist or runner of your choice.

4.3 TRIATLON / KOT: Bike course

The road traffic is completely closed on the route of the cycling course .

!! ATTENTION: even if the traffic is closed, there is the possibility that some cars enter the route leaving the courtyards of guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, etc. in the area. To avoid accidents, ride only on the right side of the road and follow all traffic rules.

Dangerous behavior on the cycling leg can result in a time penalty or even disqualification. It includes but is not limited to: overtaking on the inside, overtaking the road axis.

The Cycling Route runs entirely on DN7C road as follows:

I. „TRANSFIER“ 70.3:

The route starts at kilometer 46 near the Valea cu Pesti hotel and continues on DN7C road until the 2200 elevation near km1, before entering the Balea Lac tunnel. Here the competitors turn around and follow the route in reverse until they reach the transition area. In total, 90km are covered.

II. „TRANSFIER“ Olympic:

The route starts at kilometer 46 near the Valea cu Pesti hotel and continues on DN7C road until kilometer 26 (check point and hydration area), where the competitors will return and will follow the route in the opposite direction until they reach the transition area. A total of 40 km are covered.

III. KOT King of Transfagarasan:

The route starts at kilometer 46 near the Valea cu Pesti hotel and continues on DN7C road until the 2200 elevation near km1, before entering the Balea Lac tunnel. The departure will take place in a platoon and the competitors are advised to go only on the right side of the road as there is a danger of cars remaining on the road.

ATTENTION The descent from Bale Lac is NOT timed and is not part of the competition. The descent back to the Start Area will be as close as possible to the right edge of the road and priority will be given to cyclists from the triathlon events.

Drafting is prohibited at all races (including relays).

Descending on Transfăgărășan road:

  • It is forbidden to cut curves by entering in the opposite direction of traffic. Cutting off any curve during the entire cycling event attracts a 15-minute penalty. If a competitor does not brake at the signals of volunteers, this may endanger himself/herself or another competitor and risks disqualification without prior warning.
  • Dangerous curves will be signaled with paint and strip, so that competitors have time to reduce speed. We strongly recommend that you go within your own safety limits.
  • If the road is wet or slippery, or may cause other dangers, the organizers reserve the right to change the cycling route as follows: the route of the Olympic cycling event will be covered twice, for the smooth running of the competition. There will be a total of 80 km of cycling.

4.4 TRIATLON Run course

The running route is divided into 2 categories:


The route starts at the transition area. The competitors have to run in the direction of Vidraru dam for 6 km, to the running checkpoint, from where they will return to the transition area and will continue running until they reach Vidraru dam. When they reach the stairs (390 in number) that allow access to the Prometheus statue, the competitors will climb the stairs and the end is right at the feet of the iron man. The total length is ~ 21 km.

„TRANSFIER“ Olympic.

The route starts at the transition area. The competitors will get out of the transition and will run in the direction of Vidraru Dam. When they reach the stairs (150 in number) that allow access to the Prometheus statue, the competitors will climb the stairs and the end is at the platform above the dam, under the iron man. The total length is ~ 10 km.

4.5 TRIATLON Transition area

The transition zone is the same for T1: swimming-cycling as for T2: cycling-running.

Access to and exit from the transition area will be secured and will only be allowed to participants.

The storage of bicycles and equipment in the transition area will be done according to the official schedule available on the site. For safety reasons, outside the announced storage period of the equipment, access to the transition area will only be allowed to competitors participating in the race at that time.

The location of the bicycle in the transition area must be done in the assigned rack segment, according to the competition number and the race in which each competitor participates.

Abandonment of equipment or other items outside the box allocated to each competitor will be sanctioned.

T1 – Swim-> Bike

It involves a distance of about 100 m between Lake Vidraru and the transition area.

For the competitors from the relay event, the exchange between the swimmer and the cyclist is made in the transition area, this area will be marked on the scheme of the transition zone. Here the relay cyclist will have to wait for the swimmer and receive the competition chip from him/her.

T2 – Bike->Run

Competitors are required to place the bike in the same segment allocated as before the competition. Failure to comply with this rule will be sanctioned according to the details below. Here the relay runner will take the chip and the competition number from the cyclist.

4.6 Specific rules for relay race

A team can consist of 2 or 3 people. In the case of a 2 people team, one of the two members must go through 2 of the 3 courses. The delivery of the relay will be done by transferring the electronic timing chip from one teammate to another.

4.7 Penalty box

The penalty box will be placed in the Vidraru dam area.

In this area, the numbers of the competitors to whom a time penalty is applied, the duration of this penalty and the reason for which it was given will be visibly displayed on the panel. It is the participant’s obligation to check the panel to find out if a time sanction has been applied or not.

In order for a penalty to be executed, the competitor is not allowed to leave the penalty area while executing his penalty.

Failure to comply with all time penalties will result in disqualification.

4.8 Mandatory / recommended equipment conditions

Competitors will use their own equipment in the competition. The competition equipment will comply with ITU rules.

You can participate on any kind of road bike: cyclocross, road, time trial, etc. as long as they do not have devices that give the competitor an advantage (example: motor in frame, gear or in hub). For a supplementary safety, we do not recommend the use of aero-bars.

Bicycles must be in good working condition, with brakes operable on both wheels.

Mandatory equipment:

  • Neoprene suit.
  • Functional bicycle helmet.
  • Official swimming helmet (provided by the organizers).

The lack of an item in the mandatory equipment will lead to a ban on starting or disqualification, if observed on the route, by referees / volunteers!

The competition numbers, swimming helmet and timing cip will be provided by the organizers to the competitors. The competition number must not be damaged (cut, broken, bent) or covered in any way.

During the running course, it is mandatory that the competition number be worn on the chest / abdomen, in order to be visible. It is not allowed to run bare-chested.

4.9 Time limits

HALF 70.3 1h 15m 6h 30m 9h
OLYMPIC —- 4h 30m

4.10 Stopping / withdrawing from the race

Safety is essential for us as organizers, so we will assume the role of reason in the conditions we believe a participant can not finish the race / stage without involving major health and safety risks for him, another competitor or anyone else in the organization (organizing team, volunteers, partners, etc.). Thus, we reserve the right to stop a participant in the following cases:

  • the competitor was injured after the start, and his/her health condition no longer allows him/her to continue / finish the race;
  • failure to meet intermediate deadlines;
  • other exceptional cases (eg unfavorable weather, visible signs of extreme fatigue).

The technical delegate can stop a competitor, both in the race and between stages, based on his/her medical condition and on the information provided by the medical team present at the event.

If a participant decides that he/she no longer wants to continue the race, he/she must inform the organizers as soon as possible. This can be done at the start / finish area, at the checkpoints or by calling the emergency numbers announced by the organizers.

Failure to announce the withdrawal from the race may result in a search and rescue operation (rescue teams, mountain rescue, helicopter) at the expense of the participant involved.

4.11 Changing the route or canceling the race

The weather in the mountain areas and especially during a several day interval is a big factor of insecurity. If the weather will not be by our side and we shall not be able to ensure the safety of participants, we reserve the right to change the duration of the competition, the length of the route (swimming, cycling, running) and competition rules, if necessary, for good conduct of the competition.

If this is not possible either, we also reserve the right to cancel / postpone the race.

Ranking and Awards

5.1 Timing. Ranking

Timing will be provided by a specialized company. The timing system calculates the time of each participant, recording each passage of the chip over the electronic carpets at the checkpoints on the route and on arrival.

The ranking for each race / category is made in the order in which, individually or in a team, the competitors cross the finish line.

The timing chip must be worn throughout the race, at the wrist or at the ankle. For relay, the timing chip will be handed over to the next teammate.

The participants are responsible for handing over the competition chip at the end of the competition, in the same condition in which they received it.

The age categories will be established according to the age as of 31 December of the year of the event.

5.2 Award categories

The ranking will be based on the following categories.

Male and Female by age categories: 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60+ years

Male, Mixed and Female

KOT – King of Transfagarasan:
Open Male și Open Female

If a sufficient number of participants are not registered in a category (minimum 5 participants / teams), the Organizers reserve the right to merge the respective category with the next one (older age) until the minimum number is reached.

5.3 Prizes

Cash prizes are awarded only in the Open category (male and female) and diplomas will be awarded in the age categories and in the relays and, as far as possible, product prizes.

The value of the announced prizes is gross and is expressed in lei.

The prizes will be transferred to the personal accounts of the winners within a maximum of 30 days from the date of the competition.

The equivalent of cash prizes will be paid ONLY by bank transfer within 30 days from the date of the event. No other payment methods are accepted. Within 30 days of the event, the winners will send an e-mail to the official address on the website with the IBAN account number in which the cash prizes will be transferred, together with a copy of the identity card (certificate of tax residence for foreign citizens). The official award ceremony will be organized according to the official program displayed on the website.

5.4 Arbitration

The arbitration of the competition will be provided by a team of technical officials on behalf of the Romanian Triathlon Federation, who will cover the entire area of ​​the races and will ensure compliance with the route and these rules by competitors.

Any violation of these rules will be sanctioned by technical officials by warning, time penalty or disqualification, depending on the seriousness of the non-compliance.

5.5 Penalties and disqualifications

The contest will take place according to the regulations on the federation’s website:

The penalties will be warned as follows:

Stop & Go Minor violations
YELLOW Time penalty Other Violations
BLUE Time penalty Drafting
RED Disqualification Serious violations

Time penalties are as follows:

Drafting 2 min 5 minute
Other Violations 15 secunde 30 sec

The list below is one of the most common situations penalized with time and disqualification. To this are added the rest of the situations from the World Triathlon and FRTRI regulations.


  • Failure to comply with the Mount / Dismount line
  • Incorrectly placed bicycle or equipment left outside the transition box
  • Having the helmet strap unfastened at any point while holding the bike: getting the bike into transition, after taking the bike in T2, before racking the bike in T2


The following actions lead to the disqualification of athletes:

  • Wearing headphones (iPod, phones, etc.);
  • Unsporting behavior / endangering another participant;
  • Any crossing of the road axis, except in situations where it exceeds the road axis to avoid an accident or in the event that the first lane is blocked (eg road works, etc.)
  • littering outside littering areas including waste and packaging used for feeding/hydration

The participation fee will not be refunded in case of disqualification.

5.4 Submitting and resolving of appeals

The appeals will be submitted personally by the athletes within a maximum of 30 minutes from the end of the race in which they participated.

For the analysis of the appeal, the organizers may request a guarantee of 200 lei which will be refunded in case of favorable approval of the appeal.

Code of conduct

The competition takes place in a protected natural area. We are guests on this route and we share the joy of the journey with the general public, so your exemplary behavior during training and the event is essential for us, in order to use them in the future and for the sports community to grow and be well received.

All participants must adhere to this Code of Conduct at all times. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from you or your sustained athlete or even a ban on participation in future events.

6.1 Physical safety

Participation means taking enough training to prepare for the chosen race. As a participant you must make sure that, on the day of the race, you are in a state of adequate health and fitness to finish the race safely and within the official time limit.

Both before and during the event, you need to monitor your own health and well-being and retire if you are no longer fit enough to continue safely.

Event team members (volunteers, staff, technical officials, mountain rescuers, etc.) will visually monitor the well-being of the athletes and direct you to retire if they feel it is unsafe for you to continue. If you are directed to withdraw by a member of the event team, for any reason, you must comply.

If you notice another participant in danger, you will stop to help him/her and you will stay with him or her, if necessary, until the helping team arrives.

You must wear all mandatory items of equipment throughout the competition. They are designed for their own safety and are mandatory for all participants.

If you withdraw from the race during the event, either at a checkpoint or between them, you must report this to a volunteer at the points, at the finish or on the emergency numbers. The costs for a possible search and rescue operation that would result from not announcing the withdrawal may be borne by the competitor.

6.2 Community

All members of the event team must be treated with respect, and their instructions must be followed at all times. Anyone who behaves rudely, abusively or intentionally ignores the instructions of the event team may be disqualified from the event and in serious cases may be banned from participating in future events.

Participating colleagues must also be treated with respect. Behaviors that indicate a lack of sportsmanship as well as verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.

6.3 Environment responsibility

The contest takes place in a mountain area and garbage disposal will not be tolerated by anyone. Anyone seen throwing rubbish of any kind, except within the specially designed areas, may be immediately disqualified from the event.

Administrative conditions

7.1. Photo / video agreement

Before, during and after the contest, photos and videos can be taken with the contestants and / or spectators of the event. By registering and participating in the race, they implicitly accept that the materials can be used by the organizers in making videos, collages, covers and / or other advertising products to promote the contest.

The photos and the results from the event represent public documents and can be used in statistical, journalistic, research approaches without the prior consent of the participants.

7.2. Administrative conditions

In accordance with the legislation in force, the organizers are obliged to make public the names of the winners and the prizes awarded in this Competition.

The list of winners will be published no later than 2 days after the event on the official website.

The organizers also undertake to comply with the provisions of Law no. 677/2001 regarding the protection of personal data. As such, the Organizers undertake to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of the participants / winners of this Competition and to use them in accordance with these Official Regulations and the legislation in force.

The organizers reserve the right to modify these Regulations until the start of the competition with the obligation to announce the changes on the site and at the place of the competition.