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Race day checklist



Transition bag 

A bag for carrying all the necessary stuff to check-in

Race equipment

The race items got from the organizers (swim cap, race number, chip, sticker, tattoo) 

Sunscreen lotion

Talcum powder 

For shoes

Anti friction lotion

For wetsuit and more

Race/nutrition belt 

Insulating tape 

Used for sticking gels, tire and other stuff to bike frame




Race nutrition (before/during/after)

Regardless of what you find at the fuel/finish points, it’s always good to have something with you, especially what you know you’ve used before and suits you (gels, jellies, bars, isotonic, etc.). Plus a protein bar can do wonders 🙂


Before the race


Change of clothes 

Depending on the schedule, you may have to wait a bit, so it’s a good idea to have a set of clothes with you before the race. If you have companions with you, it’s good that you have someone to drop them off before the start.




Trisuit / Wetsuit

Check the regulations to see if the wetsuit is mandatory or not.

Swim goggles ( x 2 )

It is ideal to have two pairs in case you have problems with one of them.

Swim cap

Usually it is provided by the race organizers 

Ear plugs/nose clips 

If case





Check if they are functional and comply with the regulation.

Bike shoes 

If case

Bike bottles ( x2 )

Check if you have water with you

Sun-glasses for bike

Bike computer

If case


If case

Bike pump/repair kit 

Before the race

Tire/CO2 cartridge/puncture repair kit/bike tools 

During the race

Spare wheel 

If you have a support team:-)




Running shoes 

Ideally with elastic laces

Cap or visor 

Good for sun and rain


If different than the bike glasses 


If case


After race


Changing clothes

Regardless of the weather, recovery starts better in new clothes – 🙂

Comfortable shoes

After a race you deserve something comfortable and soft 😀

Compression equipment

If you’re a fan, it’s good to take them with you. There are many studies and people praising them for helping with recovery.

Small first aid kit

You never know if you don’t need a band-aid, maybe Imodium, Nurofen, some anti-inflammatory creams.


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